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Student Optimizer

By Niedzielan, Milla, and AfuroZamurai


This page will determine the optimal distribution of students (σ) given your current number of students, number of stars, t, and f(t).

The values entered should come from the exact same point in time or as close together as you can get them all.

For your current students, enter the number of students that can be allocated to phi upgrades. For your t, enter the number in the top left corner. For your f(t), input the number after the ee in the top-left corner. For your current stars, go into the "Statistics" menu and enter the number under "Total Stars".

Ad-bonus should be checked if you have the ad-bonus active. Acceleration should only be checked if you're planning to use the button regularly, not if you only use it once in a while. The acceleration multiplier will default to about 2.85x, but can be changed to your liking.