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What's New

Version 1.4.19

· Fixed: The last milestone in Theory 4 wasn't doing anything (it does now).

· Fixed: Theories 2, 4, and 6 could get abnormally high values of 'q' and 'r' after offline progress.

· Fixed: Inconsistent rounding in the offline progress screen.

· Fixed: Secret Achievement 8 was more permissive than it should.

· Fixed: It was possible to buy a milestone that was dependant on another refunded one.

Version 1.4.18

· Added parsing of numbers the form 1.0e-5.

· Fixed: Tau was not following the same rounding rule as currencies.

· Fixed: Minigame popups could be popped twice.

· Fixed: Theory 8 started before the first purchase.

· Fixed: An equation was not updated correctly in Theory 9.

· Fixed: Achievements for spent stars did not consider minigame purchases.

Version 1.4.17

· 2 new languages: Norwegian and Ukrainian!

· Fixed: The app would silently crash when exiting the game using the back button.

· Fixed: The cost of Prestige and Supremacy upgrades didn't follow the same formatting rule as their currencies.

· Fixed: Currencies will now be rounded down and costs will be rounded up when displayed.

· Fixed: Music continued to play in background on some devices.

· Fixed: Some expressions generated cryptic exceptions.

Version 1.4.16

· 3 new languages: Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew!

· Added the eye icon to the publication window.

· Reduced the overlap of variables labels that could happen in some specific occasions.

· Fixed: Parts of Theory 9 could start too early.

· Fixed: The navigation bar and title colors will follow the selected theme.

· Fixed: Devices with cutouts did not show the notifications area.

· Fixed: Setting music to 'off' could still generate static noise when connected to a Bluetooth device.

Version 1.4.15

· 1 new language: Indonesian!

· The values of 'b' and 'mu' are now displayed only with scientific notation.

· Fixed: The UI was too big on small screens.

· Fixed: Colors on MiUi OS (take 2).

· Fixed: Cost comparison was wrong with permanent levels in some occasions.

· Updated translations: French, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese.

Version 1.4.14

· Fixed: The text color was off on Xiaomi phones with Dark Mode on.

Version 1.4.13

· Increased the contrast of both themes.

· 1 new language: Korean!

· Fixed: Missing characters in the Chinese Traditional font.

Version 1.4.12

· The game will now save after a graduation or a publication.

· 1 new language: Japanese!

· Changed the Chinese fonts to sans serif to improve readability.

· Fixed: Slight misalignment in the summary bar.

· Fixed: Equation of Theory 3 had an offset depending on the device's DPI.

Version 1.4.11

· Added a confirmation to disable offline progress.

· 3 new languages: Finnish, Hungarian, and Vietnamese!

· Fixed: Theory 9 navigation could disappear.

Version 1.4.10

· Added back all levels of the third supremacy upgrade.

· Theories: Added the next value of upgrades when holding the info button.

· Theory 9: Won't pause anymore when all upgrades are refunded.

· Theory 9: Navigation won't be available until it is completed.

Version 1.4.9

· Added a way to replay lemmas.

· The info button of theories now displays the current value of each upgrade.

· Variadic min/max. For example, 'min(4,2,1,3)' returns 1.

· Optional amount for cost functions. For example, 'costUpS(1,2)' returns the cumulative cost of the next 2 upgrade levels.

· Fixed: The equation of Theory 3 was sometimes clipped on Tablets.

· Fixed: Crash when graph values goes out of range.

Version 1.4.8

· Math Expression won't reset its state if the entered expression is unchanged.

· Fixed: Slight misalignment of 'Upgrades' and 'Permanent' in theory panels.

· Fixed: Research 9 was displaying '/10' instead of '/20' even if it was using '/20' for calculations.

· Fixed: Theory 9 could skip some parts.

· Fixed: Refunding upgrades for which the first one is free was not giving back the money of the first upgrade of the batch.

· Fixed: Many memory leaks related to popups and change of theories. But there might be more...

· Updated translations: Spanish, German, and Polish.

Version 1.4.7

· Completed Theory 9

· Rebalanced research upgrade #9.

· Removed some endgame supremacy upgrades (may be added back later).

· Fixed: Research upgrade #8 could be refunded when #9 was purchased.

· Updated translations: Spanish and Russian.

Version 1.4.6

· Fixed: Some milestones of Theory 5 could be hidden even when bought.

· Fixed: Theory 8 could create NaN values.

Version 1.4.5

· Changed Theory 4 to use analytical calculation of 'q'.

· Fixed: The currency of Theory 6 could get negative for some time.

· Fixed: Some variables continued ticking even when refunded in Theory 2.

· Fixed: The upgrade panel was always updated regardless of its visibility.

· Updated translations: Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Portuguese, Polish, and Turkish.

Version 1.4.4

· This update doesn't exist. Don't start a conspiracy theory about it.

Version 1.4.3

· Increased the tap area of the publication icon.

· The variable 'f' was missing from the parameter list in Math Expressions.

· Fixed: Some errors were not displayed in the 'Test an Expression' field.

· Fixed: On screen with notch, the top and bottom area did not change color when displaying a story. (iOS)

· Updated translations: Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Italian, German, and Russian.

Version 1.4.2

· Rebalanced the second theory.

· Fixed: The auto-buyer selection for theories was not serialized.

Version 1.4.1

· Fixed: Scores for the Arrow Puzzle were not published to the leaderboards.

· Updated Italian translations.

Version 1.4.0

Major Update 1.4: Students and Theories.

· A release with a lot of new content to play with.

· Students form another prestige layer after Supremacy. They provides upgrades that will help you progress further than before.

· Theories are parallel projects that contributes to the main equation and unlocked by students.

· New story chapters.

· New achievements.

· A new minigame.

· Auto-Supremacy.

· I hope you will enjoy this update. If you encounter any issue, please contact me via Discord or by email.

Version 1.3.95

· Added an option to scale the UI. (Tablets only)

· Fixed: Random crash when speedsolving the 15-Puzzle.

· Fixed: Crash on iOS 12.4 devices." (iOS)

Version 1.3.94

· Fixed: The auto-prestige entry box was squashed in some occasions.

Version 1.3.93

· Fixed: Background sound was muted when starting the game. (iOS)

· Fixed: The 'smooth' function behavior was incorrect, especially during offline calculation.

Version 1.3.92

· Added leaderboards. (iOS)

· Fixed: The update notification did not send the player to the correct App Store URL. (iOS)

Version 1.3.91

· Fixed: Using the game in Chinese would prevent the game from opening properly.

· Fixed: The scale of the layout was too big on some tablets in landscape mode.

Version 1.3.90

· Fixed: Music/sound options was not properly saved.

· Fixed: Layout for tablets was too big.

· Fixed: Widgets were not displayed properly on some devices.

Version 1.3.89

· Fixed: Auto-Prestige expression was sometimes displaying a exception message.

Version 1.3.88

· Added a 'smooth' function to use in Math Expressions.

· Improved handling of indefinite values in Math Expressions.

· The state of Math Expressions are now saved to improve correctness when reopening the game.

· Added an entry field to allow importing saves on Bluestacks.

· Improved overall performance and reduced flashes in purchasable item lists.

· Fixed: Some adjustments to the Dutch, Polish, and German translations.

Version 1.3.87

· Added new languages: Dutch and Polish!

· Added a fast forward button for offline progress calculation which improves the calculation speed at cost of being less accurate.

· Added options for minigames: new controls, new color schemes, restart-on-claim, animation.

· Added a way to restart minigames without closing the window.

· Added 'ceiling' and 'floor' functions to math expressions.

· Fixed: In math expressions, division by a big number gave inconsistent results.

· Fixed: Hover Control wouldn't work on some device with a notch.

Version 1.3.86

· Added the current level of variables, upgrades, and bonuses.

· Added leaderboards for minigames (best times).

· Minigames won't generate configurations that are less than 3 moves.

· The math test expression is now saved.

· Improved formatting of small numbers in math test expression.

· Fixed: The 15-Puzzle hover control had a corner case when hovering outside the game area.

· Fixed: Potential crash when closing the torus puzzle while moving tiles.

· Fixed: Bad behaviors when testing expressions with negative numbers.

Version 1.3.83

· Fixed: Taps in the 15-Puzzle were not correctly registered on some devices.

Version 1.3.81

· New hover control for the 15-Puzzle. Leave your finger on the screen and drag it around to make moves.

· Fixed: Variable power could be wrongly printed as very big numbers when it should instead be 0.

· Fixed: Potential crash when switching save slot with big progress difference.

· Fixed: Star bonus were sometimes not reset when changing save slots.

Version 1.3.79

· Fixed: The OS Font size affected the alignment of some labels.

· Fixed: The summary bar was jittery in some occasions.

· Fixed: Some spaces were missing in upgrade and bonus descriptions.

Version 1.3.78

· Fixed: Game crashed at startup for many users. I'm very sorry for that.

Version 1.3.77

· Fixed: Some UI elements were misaligned and clipped.

· Fixed: Hyphens were strangely big.

· Fixed: Infinity was displayed with its LaTeX command.

· Fixed: 'costUpR' was considering prestige and supremacy upgrades.

Version 1.3.76

· New Star Bonuses to increase the level of variables.

· Star Bonuses can now be respec'd (refunded) whenever you want.

· The game will now save after a manual prestige/supremacy.

· UI optimizations.

· The reward icon will light up when the permanent ad reward is active.

· Fixed: The minigame instruction labels were not centered.

· Fixed: The summary bar was only displaying two decimals for db.

· Fixed: Typos in translations.

Version 1.3.75

· Fixed: The 2^n factor of variables jumped from 240 to 251 instead of 241.

· Fixed: The Supremacy warning sign was sometimes wrong when no more level was available.

· Fixed: The game state would sometimes not be saved on quit.

Version 1.3.74

· Endgame rebalance:

· Added 20 levels of the 'exponent' Supremacy upgrade to help waiting for the major update.

· Removed 9 variables and readjusted their factors to improve their relative powers. Spent stars are refunded.

· Fixed: 'x_i' parameters were overestimated during offline calculation.

Version 1.3.73

· Rewards can now be stacked up to 72h.

Version 1.3.72

· New languages: Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Italian, and Russian!

· Added Android 5.X support.

Version 1.3.68

Multiple language support: English, French, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, and Turkish. More to come!

· Fixed: Achievement list was resetting when collapsing a category.

· Fixed: Entering 'NaN' or 'Inf' as an auto prestige ratio would crash the game.

· Fixed: The 15-puzzle could get locked in an unsolved configuration when tapping too fast on the last winning move.

Version 1.3.62

· Kept the hint in the description of unlocked secret achievements.

· Fixed: Second Infinity would not break since 1.3.61.

· Fixed: Using the dark theme, the highlight of selected text was black.

· Tentative fix: Buyable rows sometimes get shrinked.

Version 1.3.61

· A new 'Math Expression' Auto Prestige trigger that lets you enter your own conditions based on any in-game parameters.

· Added three save slots to easily switch between game states.

· A popup will now be displayed when an update is available on the Store.

· The 'Import' window now displays some stats before importing.

· Importing a state now offers to calculate the offline progress.

· Improved time management (Play time, time zones, etc.).

· Added a 'Locked' sorting mode for achievements.

· Added an option to disable offline progress (for speedruns).

· Updated toggle UI, reworked Settings, and move Permanent Ad Reward to the Rewards window.

· Added an option to deactivate the permanent ad reward.

· Added the current ratio/time in the Auto Prestige window.

· Time skipping check will no longer offer to forgive if you skip more than 7 days.

· Time won't stop anymore after a prestige when no variables are bought.

· IAP's localized price is now saved in case no connection is available.

· Fixed: 'Time Since Last Supremacy' was not properly saved.

· Fixed: The auto prestige toggle color did not change when toggled.

· Fixed: The Supremacy warning was still displayed even if all upgrades are bought.

· Fixed: Exponent supremacy upgrade info went above the level limit.

· Fixed: The back button did not close windows and puzzles could be closed by clicking the background.

· Fixed: The star chance was not updated dynamically in the Statistics window.

· Fixed: Some story chapter could be unlocked before the previous one.

Version 1.3.57

· Resizing the graph will snap to its original position if it was moved.

· Buyable descriptions are now dynamic whenever it makes sense.

· Auto Prestige ratio now displays the user input without reformatting.

· Fixed: Buyable toggle would also randomly toggle neighboring buyables.

· Fixed: Achievements 'Killing Spree' and 'You Can Stop Now' were not considering taps.

Version 1.3.55

· Moved the 'Buy All' settings to the left.

· Added an option to add shades of gray (not 'Grey') to minigame tiles.

· Added an option to move the acceleration button to the top.

· Added 'Time Since Last Supremacy' in the Statistics window.

· Increased the size of the 'X' button to close popups.

· Improved readability of the star count in the main panel.

· Added the possibility to resize the equation frame by dragging the currency bar.

· Fixed: Pressing the 'x' button in a completed minigame would not award the stars.

· Fixed: The 6th secret achievement's condition was off by 1.

· Fixed: The acceleration button had a dead spot on the left.

· Fixed: Doing 'Reset All' could result in a negative star amount.

· Fixed: Some indices were skipped in the Achievement popup.

· Fixed: Toggle indicators were hidden when the 'Buy All' button was refunded.

· Fixed: When toggling the buyable selection, some rows would sometimes get shrinked.

· Fixed: The x_i labels in the equation frame were clipped on smaller screens.

· Almost Fixed: Added ways to counter the acceleration-always-on issue.

Version 1.3.54

· The 'Buy All' button now buys one level of the free stuff.

· Added options to control which buyable is considered by auto buyers and the 'Buy All' button. Longpress on a checkbox to toggle all at once.

· Auto-buyers and the 'Buy All' button now respect the buy amount (1/10/25/100/max).

· Holding the 'i' icon will now continue to show the info even when switch panels until it's released.

· Extended the 24h offline progress limit to 7 days.

· Achievement categories are now collapsible.

· When a story chapter is triggered, popups are now hidden instead of being closed. They are unhidden after completion.

· Torus Puzzle: Once a row is moving, avoid switching to moving the column to prevent visual glitches.

· Fixed: Supremacy was displaying a warning sign when f(t) was infinite.

· Fixed: Auto buyer toggle intensity would not always change when being activated/deactivated.

· Fixed: When playing multiple minigames in a row, the app would start to lag.

· Fixed typos.

Version 1.3.53

· Added a 'Costs Are Divided' achievement to make it clear that the costs divide the main currency.

· Changed the rating popup to display 'Don't ask again' instead of 'No' to make it clear that it won't ever popup again.

· Fixed: Number inputs didn't support no mantissa or negative exponents.

· Fixed: Puzzles are now locked when they are completed.

· Fixed: The automation rate didn't reset properly after a Supremacy.

· Fixed: If you tapped fast enough, some popups could pop twice.

· Fixed typos.

Version 1.3.52

· Fixed: Crash when opening Auto Prestige Settings on Android 10.

Version 1.3.51

· Added a confirmation box when giving up a minigame.

· Fixed: Crash when tapping too fast in the 15-Puzzle.

· Fixed: 'Time Since Last Prestige' was resetting when reopening the game.

Version 1.3.50

· The 15-Puzzle now allows to move many tiles at once.

· The Torus Puzzle now allows to move a row/column of more than one tile at once.

· Added timing and best times for minigames.

· Scale the minigame rewards according to the star chance.

· Achievements are now separated into categories and the list is sortable by 'Category' and 'Last Unlocked'.

· Fixed: Minigames were locked after a supremacy without refunding stars. Any spent stars on minigames has been refunded in this update, even if you bought it.

· Fixed: Number formatting was slightly different depending on the device's language.

Version 1.3.49

· The time check will allow for one mistake.

· Added 'Time Since Last Prestige' in the statistics window.

· Added 'Tap Stars' in the statistics window.

· Achievements now display the completion percentage whenever it makes sense.

· The number notation now changes from 'e' to 'ee' at 1e10000 (ee4).

· The font size of minigames is now adapted to the tile size.

· Renamed the Mobius Puzzle to Torus Puzzle, its offical name.

· Minigames are now buyable from the Rewards window instead of the Star Bonuses.

· Adjusted the rewards of minigames according to a standard time-to-complete.

· Fixed: Potential crash when unlocking an achievement.

· Fixed: The acceleration multiplier could remain active when the app was in background.

Version 1.3.48

· Theme and auto prestige selectors are now toggles.

· The equality sign for the x_i formula is now a left arrow to make it clear that it is an update.

· Added an option to adjust the resolution of the graph.

· The IAP now displays localized price.

· Increased the tapping area of the acceleration button.

· The auto prestige time can now use the format mm:ss.

· Time check: The game will be locked if it detects a backward change in time. For example, if you change time 24h in the future, and go back 24h, the game will be locked for 1 day. By pressing the back button, you can still access the game and to do 'Reset All'.

· Fixed: The game was paused after closing the leaderboard.

Version 1.3.47

· Buy amounts are now independent for each panel.

· Added an info button to buyable panels. Hold it to see the additional info.

· Added an ID to each achievement.

· Added an auto prestige rule based on time.

· Lowered the auto prestige ratio limit to 0.1.

· Added the cumulative f(t) for the current supremacy in the statistics.

· The 15-Puzzle snaps tiles to next position when another tile is tapped.

· Fixed: Leaderboard did not open properly.

· Fixed: Tapping the acceleration button then holding it could lead to the acceleration not working.

· Fixed: Different sources of crash.

· Fixed the ability to do multiple Supremacies in a row.

· Fixed: Dollar currency is now on the left.

· Fixed typos

Version 1.3.46

· Added prestige and supremacy increments to the main panel.

· Added 5 more secret achievements.

· Added the evaluated value of 'y' in the statistics.

· Made the minigames more 'snappy'.

· Added a buy amount of x25.

· Added a link to the wiki.

· Fixed: Using the back button on the main panel was not putting the game to sleep anymore.

· Fixed: The acceleration button stayed always on if an auto clicker was active.

· Fixed: The 'What's New' window was popping until the app was fully closed.

· Fixed: Display glitch when variables text was too long.

Version 1.3.44

· Tentative fix for the minigame freeze issue.

· Fixed: Infinity is now broken after a Supremacy once f(t) reaches infinity, whatever the current value of f(t).

· Fixed typos.

Version 1.3.43

· Added the acceleration multiplier besides the button.

· Changed the left arrow of the equation to an equality sign.

· Rebalanced Supremacy upgrades to make it more challenging.

· Rebalanced variable powers so first variables have more power in the end game.

· Numbers above ee999.99 are now noted eeXXXX.X instead of e'^{3}3.XXXX'.

· Added a new story chapter for mid-end game.

· Added a visual cue for secret achievements.

· Auto buyers now buy free stuff indefinitely.

· Fixed: Reopening the game while it was minimized on the splash screen would not recompute offline progress.

· Fixed: The warning sign on the Supremacy button is now updated while the Prestige menu is open.

· Fixed: Potential crash when closing the Prestige menu.

· Fixed: Potential crash related to secret achievements.

· Fixed: Past level 10000, the variable exponents were not correct.

Version 1.3.42

· Added splash screen animation for offline progress calculation.

· Removed the 'Welcome Back' popup as the splash screen now contains the same info.

· Secret achievements! I also added many regular achievements. More to come.

· Added a 'Overall Time Played' to differentiate with the current game play time that changes when import a save.

· Fixed: Potential crash when signing in to the leaderboard.

· Fixed: Crash when using the back button during splash screen.

Version 1.3.41

· Added a Star Bonus to increase automation rate.

· Added a visualization of f(t) behind the equation as an eye-candy.

· Added an option to keep star bonus allocation after Supremacy.

· Removed the upgrade popup as upgrades can be accessed through the main panel.

· Changed the Supremacy lock icon to a warning sign when you can do a Supremacy that would not allocate enough currency for the next upgrade.

· Fixed potential crash during offline progress calculation and when achievements and stories unlock.

· Fixed: Taps were not counted for statistics and achievements.

· Fixed typos.

Version 1.3.40

· Fixed: Supremacy currency was not allocated as shown in the Prestige window.

· Fixed: Story chapter 'Last Hope' was not unlocked at the correct stage.

· Added success confirmation after export.

· Allow access to the Prestige menu after Supremacy.

· Many optimizations.

Version 1.3.39

· The star icon now lights up only when there is a affordable bonus.

· Added the total play time in the statistics.

· Added a progress bar when calculating offline progress.

· Added some introduction instructions.

· Fixed: The Auto Prestige ratio was only changing it's value when the 'enter' button was pressed. It now changes as soon as it looses focus.

· Minor UI enhancements.

Version 1.3.38

· Added a currency bar below the equation.

· Removed the 'db' cap after the first Supremacy.

· Fixed: Rewards were not updated correctly.

· Fixed: Taps did not generate stars since 1.3.35

· Lots of optimizations.

Version 1.3.35

· Automation features now remember their last state after Supremacy.

· Added shorter and more specific instructions during the game.

· Added a story chapter to indicate the time to perform a first Supremacy.

· Fixed: Potential crash while performing a Prestige or Supremacy.

· Fixed: After buying all supremacy upgrades, the description would display 'Unlock x9'.

Version 1.3.34

· Please refer to 1.3.33 notes for the major update.

· Fixed: The Torus puzzle could be played by unlocking the 15-Puzzle.

· Fixed: Entry cursor color for black theme.

· Fixed: Couldn't tap the equation while holding the accelerator.

· Fixed: When Auto-prestige is activated, there was a chance that the supremacy currency is not awarded as shown in the Prestige popup.

· Fixed: Minigames were not accessible after purchasing 'Permanent Ad Reward'.

· Import/Export of save points.

Version 1.3.33

Major Update: New mechanics, currencies, minigames, and balance.

· Important note: The mechanics has changed quite a lot with this update. I have awarded some of the new currencies and stars depending on your previous progress. Please overview the new features before blindly spending the currencies. You should prioritize purchasing variables before automation features. If the Supremacy button appeared in the Prestige menu and your potential supremacy currency ψ is above 1.5, consider performing a Supremacy. If you have any concerns, please contact me via Discord.

· New prestige and supremacy currencies. Prestige currency is used to improve regular upgrades, while supremacy upgrades improve the equation itself.

· Two minigames have been added to earn stars.

· A storyline!

· New variables can be purchased with stars, for a total of 29 variables.

· New automation features: autobuyers for variables and upgrades, and auto prestige. Can be purchased with stars.

· Accelerator button (see instruction).

· The Auto-clicker IAP has been removed (buyers will be refunded). This IAP has been replaced by a permanent ad reward.

· New dark UI theme.

· Smoother progress and balance.

· I hope you will enjoy the new content!

Version 1.2.31

· Ads: Prestige and Idle bonus have been removed. The only remaining ad source are Rewards, which has been extended to 2 hours and give 50% bonus to dt instead of 25%.

· Tap power is now limited to dt=1, regardless of the current dt.

· Fixed: Google Play Games was asking to install after a failed sign in.

· Fixed: Audio on Android 5.* is disabled for now because it was causing crashes.

Version 1.2.29

· Fixed: The game would occasionally crash when opening a popup.

· Fixed: Number display was sometimes written as 10.000e27 instead of 1.000e28.

Version 1.2.27

· Fixed: On rare occasions, the time was not updating when starting the game.

Version 1.2.26

· Fixed: Stars collected while idling was almost always 0 for short periods of time + removed the star chance limit.

· Fixed: UI was compressed on smaller screens.

· The leaderboard score now considers the past supremacies in the count. For example, performing one supremacy (reaching ee200) then ascending to ee50 gives a score of 250.

· The 25% Prestige reward is now given through exponentiation instead of multiplication, which gives more reward when b is high.

· Nerfed the 'dt' star bonus, which was too powerful + some minor rebalance.

· Changed the hardest tapping achievements so it also consider automatic ticks.

Version 1.2.25

· Fixed: When opening the game twice, there was a chance that the game would not save properly.

· Fixed: Longpress on a variable/bonus was buying it while it should not.

· Optimized computation to make the game fluid for high function values.

Version 1.2.24

Major Update: Infinite mode. Infinity has been redefined to ee200 for the first supremacy, then pushed ee50 further at every supremacy.

· The whole game has been rebalanced according to this mode. The progression is now faster and smoother.

· Leaderboard: You can now compare your progress with other players!

· More stars are now allocated while idling.

· Added an Auto Clicker for purchase in the Settings window, which provides 10 ticks per seconds instead of 1 while in-game.

· See the instruction for more details.

Version 1.1.20

· Fixed an occasional crash source when tapping the equation or buying a variable/upgrade.

Version 1.1.19

· Join us on Discord for feature requests and future releases! Link in the Settings.

· Buttons to buy variables and upgrades are now multi-touch. Claim your freebies faster!

Version 1.1.18

· The star bonus for 'dt' has been multiplied by 4 (applied retroactively). This allows for more strategies regarding collecting/farming stars.

· The cost of the star bonus for 'b' now increases at each level.

· Some rules for collecting stars have changed. Please refer to the instructions for more details.

· Some achievements related to rewards are now deactivated. If you already unlocked them, you got to keep the stars you earned.

Version 1.1.16

· The Prestige bonus is now calculated using the cumulative function value (see statistics) instead of the current. This means that you can now spend your money without affecting your progression towards the next Prestige.

· Fixed the achievement overlay so that it displays all unlocked achievement that happens in a short period of time.

Version 1.1.15

Major Update: You can now use your Stars to get permanent upgrades and perform Supremacy (meta prestige) when you reach infinity. Refer to the intructions for more details.

· Added related achievements.

· Changed the double logarithmic notation from ee1 to ee3.

· Added auto-save every minute as a fail-safe.

Version 1.0.13

· Renamed the 't' variable to avoid confusion.

· Fine-tuned the cost of upgrades.

Version 1.0.12

· Added the ending sequence.

· Added a 'What's New' popup for new versions.

· Fixed occasional crash when tapping the equation.

Version 1.0.11

· Display the current 'x' value in the navigation bar.

Version 1.0.10

· Improved tap events on the main equation.

· Simultaneous tap are now registered correctly.

Version 1.0.9

· Fixed: Scaling issues on some devices with different pixel density.

Version 1.0.8

· Added the prestige bonus to the main screen.

· Fixed: Time did not start when the app was put to sleep during splash screen.

Version 1.0.7

· No battery usage when the app is sleeping. Improved balance

Version 1.0.6

Initial Release